Type-c female advantage

With the popularization of electronic products, most people use smart phones because of their needs for life and work. So many people often use USB type-c connectors.

The most important plug-in of type-c connectors is Type-c female seat. For now, the market share of type-c female seats in the entire mobile phone connector market is still quite large.

There are advantages of Type-c female.

1. The transmission speed is fast, and the maximum data transmission speed can reach 10Gbit/sec.

2. The size of type-c female seat is small.

3. The usability is good.The type-c female can be inserted on both the front and the back, and can withstand 10,000 times of repeated insertion and withdrawal.

4.It has good expandability.The type-c female is suitable for all kinds of USB devices.

5. The type-c female seat not only can pass 3A current,but also can provide a maximum of 100w of power, which can realize the function of fast charging.

Most of the connectors that support fast charging are mostly type-c interface data cables.