Spring thimble connector

The spring thimble connector has an important role.It can really help us deal with the problems in production and life better.

How to make spring thimble connectors play a prominent role?

Choose the right product!

The quality and performance of the product are the basis for its function, without a good product, it cannot play its role naturally. In fact, in order to reflect the role of the connector better.We should choose the connectors with high technical content, good craftsmanship and high cost performance, so as to better enhance the user experience and durability.

Ensure good contact induction of the spring thimble connector

Many of its materials are made of metal. If you want to play a better role, you must make the metal contact to achieve the best effect fully when connecting, and let it have a smaller distributed capacitance and inductance, especially in the high frequency band, it is necessary to configure some impedance matching elements to stimulate efficiency.

Pay attention to waterproof and keep the connector away from the humid environment

If water enters, the internal electronic components and circuits will be destroyed.So it can not produce a corresponding effect. The antenna radiation should be farther away from the motherboard and the components.In the metal battery cover, the ultra-thin model design has enough space to be used better,  

Therefore,only by maximizing its effectiveness, we can ensure that the value of the spring thimble connector is displayed.