Tips for FPC connector

Be careful not to plug the FPC connector frequently, so as not to cause impact and reduce the service life of the connector. Because the connectors and other components of the connector are usually affected by certain wear and tear, when a certain wear resistance value is reached, it will cause the impact to be reduced to the mechanical life of the connector.

Do not insert the FPC connector at an angle.Avoid the pins of the connector are not connected fully in place. Moreover, the connecting cable of the connector should not be pulled arbitrarily, otherwise it will cause some data abnormality and loss in the use of the FPC connector.

When purchasing an FPC connector,consider the voltage and current requirements of the connector, and indicate whether the connector is to be used for a low-level circuit or a power supply circuit. Especially in the case of weak current and low voltage, since the oxide layer cannot be penetrated, it is not easy to oxidize the FPC connector by selecting the contact plating. And any connector is inseparable from the current when working.

It is recommended to select high-temperature-resistant FPC connectors. They not only can not ignite easily when exposed to high temperatures. Otherwise, some common connectors will not be able to withstand the high operating temperature, which may cause the connector to be burned.

The available space and size of the FPC connector must be considered. In general, the higher the density of the contact parts of the FPC connector, the smaller the size and the smaller the distance between the contact parts. Tight contacts usually mean less insulation and lower forces.

Therefore, according to the corresponding requirements of the equipment, the connector of the corresponding size should be selected in the selection of the connector.

The contact pressure in the FPC connector is an important indicator. A larger contact pressure will have a greater insertion force and a pull-out force, which affects the size of the contact resistance and the amount of contact pair wear directly.