Precautions for using type C female

There are precautions for using type C female.

Do not exceed the specified rated current when working in the type C female. If the rated current is generally exceeded, it will cause some components inside the USB female to accelerate aging and other phenomena. It may cause data transmission when the USB female is used. In severe cases, it will damage the type C female directly and become unusable.

Do not reach the interface with your hand to avoid being scratched by the pin chip. Moreover, after the earphone socket is powered on, do not touch the interface of the earphone socket with your hand, otherwise it may cause some electric shock accidents easily.

Type C female with different specifications can not be used casually, because not all devices are compatible with certain specifications. Otherwise, once the applied type C female is not applicable, it will cause the TYPE C female to be damaged after being used for a long time.

After using the type C female, please pay attention to unplug the USB plug, otherwise there will still be a certain current at the headphone plug, a long time will lead to accelerated aging of the transmission chip of the type C female , so it will Lead to affect the performance of USB female. In addition, when the type C female is not in use, remember to cover the dust cover to avoid excessive dust accumulation, which will also affect the performance of the type C female.

The electric strength of the type C female is mainly the voltage function that the conductor between the type C female contacts can bear. Generally, the withstand voltage of the type C female cannot be less than AC500V, otherwise, when the device operates at a relatively large voltage, the conductor between the USB female will cause a compatible load and will lead to the possibility of burnout directly.So, please pay attention to the use of USB female.