1.27mm Pin header

The rated current of 1.27mm pin header is 2.0AMP. The insulation resistance is 1000MΩ Min.The contact resistance is 20MΩ Max.The withstanding voltage is 500VAC Min.

The temperature of operating is from -40℃ to 105℃.The contact material is brass.The contact plating is gold and tin over Ni.

At present, not only most of the pin header,but also the female contact springs are made of copper alloy.

However, copper alloy is susceptible to corrosion in the working environment of a typical electrical connector.

Therefore, as an important function of corrosion protection, optimizing the interface is a consideration for choosing the appropriate contact plating material.

However, in actual situations, the contact plating is used to close the contact dome from the working environment to prevent copper corrosion.

In addition, the plating material of the pin header must not be damaged in the working environment.