The 2.54mm pin header

Different spacing of the SMT row needle use is also different, it is a kind of row needle.

The 2.54mm pin header is a kind of row needle.

The 2.54mm pitch pin header SMT.The rated current is 3.0AMP.

The insulation resistance is 1000MΩ Min.The contact resistance is 20MΩ Max.

The withstanding voltage is 500VAC Min.The operating temperature is from -40℃ to 105℃.

The contact material is brass.The contact plating is gold and tin plating.

The insulation material is PA9T+30%GF and UL94V-0.The 2.54 double row SMT row needle spacing. The operating temperature is from 25°C-85°C.

It can be used widely in all kinds of home appliances, electric toys,digital products, modern office equipment, industrial control and monitoring communication equipment and other fields.

Our products have been tested for plug force, breaking force, specification, high temperature, moisture and so on.