Female connector

In our daily life,connector is an important part of electronic products. Connectors are used to access and update information sources. For enterprises that need production data in a special production environment, connectors are even more indispensable parts. Only through the transmission function of the connector can the corresponding operations be completed.

Connectors are usually divided into male connectors and female connectors. so how to distinguish between male connectors and female connectors ?

In the electronics and machinery industry, whether it is for trade or manufacturing, connectors or some fasteners are usually designed as male and female ends. Generally speaking, the role of the female end is to receive and accept the male end. The common end has a segment, multiple protruding segments and segments that can be inserted into other parts, and the receiving and notched segment is called the female end.

The male and female nature of the connector USB is determined according to some hard regulations, mainly to emphasize unidirectional circulation.

In the theory of mathematical graphics, the power network consists of a plug and a socket, and flows from the socket to the plug in a fixed direction. Corresponding to the USB connector, it flows from the female to the male. Therefore, the design of the power socket at the female end is for safety.

The female connector includes a cylindrical core. The member having a luer taper on a distal inner surface thereof and a tube bonding portion formed on a proximal end inner surface and being formed with a flange at a distal extremity thereof.A cylindrical housing having a male screw formed on an outer surface thereof and mounted to an outer periphery of the core member without being fixed, and a stopper fixed at a position apart from the flange of the core member, wherein the distance between the flange and the stopper is larger than the length  of the housing in the axial direction when a male connector is connected to the female connector.