Double row connector

The top five application areas for global connector sales are automobiles, computers, communications, industrial equipment, aerospace and military. while the top five growth areas are consumer electronics, transportation electronics, medical electronics, communications electronics, computers and peripherals .

Medical electronics has become a new growth point for connector applications. With the continuous improvement of the level of medical informatization, the market demand for connectors in the medical field continues to increase.

The connector is an electrical device that connects between the sub-harness and the sub-harness, between the wiring harness and the electrical equipment, and between the switch and the end. The double row connector is a connector with two rows of socket.

The connector is composed of plug-ins and connectors. Under normal conditions, it can be separated.

Double-row connectors are reliable and easy to repair, so they are widely used.

The double-row connector can't be loosened or corroded. To ensure the reliable connection of the return connector. It has a locking device, and in order to avoid incorrect answers during installation,the double-row connector can also be made into different specifications and shapes.