FPC connector

The FPC connector is made of soft material. It is used to connect the LCD screen to the PCB. There are three common FPC connection methods, which are divided into upper contact, lower contact and double-sided contact.

There are FPC connector applications.

FPC connector is mainly used in LCD, scanner, and other electronic equipment.

Computer motherboard, liquid crystal display, telecommunication card, memory, mobile hard disk, including mobile devices. Mobile devices are increasingly using shock-resistant back-lock mechanism connectors when using FPC connectors,such as mobile phones, MP3 players and notebook computers.

Automotive electronic connectors, car GPS navigation, medical equipment, products are widely used in audio, digital machine, video camera, car audio, TV, typewriter, calculator, cash register, telephone, CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, Copier, printer, wireless instrumentation, video calling equipment and aerospace products high-tech pioneer.

FPC connector is different from the conventional connector. FPC flexible circuit boards have good bending properties, foldability and stretchability, and can be customized for single and double sides, 4 layers, layered boards, hollow boards, etc.

FPC connector has the advantages of high density, small size, light weight, flexible application.It can be bent, folded, it can move and stretch freely in three-dimensional space.

FPC connector has good heat dissipation performance, simple connection. It can effectively save space and labor costs, It can realize the integration of component device and wire connection.