USB connection

With the widespread popularity of various digital devices, especially the popularity of MP3 and digital cameras, there are more USB devices around us. However, although these devices all use a USB interface, the data cables of these devices are not exactly the same. These data cables are the same at the end connected to the PC, but when connecting to the device side, usually different interfaces are used for volume considerations.

There are various applications of USB connection.


It is the most common type of interface. It is very outstanding because of its anti-misinsertion performance, and the size is relatively small. This connection is widely used in card readers, MP3s, digital cameras, and mobile hard drives.


It is common in digital products of the following brands: Olympus C series and E series, Samsung MP3 products , SONY DSC series and so on.


It can be found in some digital cameras.

B-8Pin-2 × 4

It is also a relatively common connection. It has a wide range of applications.

Micro USB

It conforms to the USB2.0 specification and supports a data transfer rate of 12Mbit / s. The module connects the control pins according to the Microport interface, which is convenient to connect with the main controller that supports the Microport interface.


Type-C is a brand-new USB connection . It solves the long-standing physical interface specifications of the USB interface. The new interface is developed by the unidirectional transmission of power. It integrates charging, display, data transmission and other functions .