TYPE C 3.1

The application of USB3.1 and USB type-C is now widely used.

Since the advent of type-c, because it is s light, thin, small and has no front and back, it is deeply loved by people. Nowadays, more and more high-end Android phones are produced use type-c interface basically .

The length of the type-c 3.1 port is only 0.83 cm and the width is only 0.26 cm, which has the characteristics of super thin and light .

The  interface of type-c 3.1 does not distinguish between the front and the back.The users do not need to worry about wrong insertion, which improves the convenience of use greatly.

Type-c adopts usb3.1 transmission protocol, the speed of transmission  can reach 10Gbps, and the transmission rate is improved greatly compared with the previous usb2.0 and usb3.0.

The USB 3.1 has improved the highest standard of power supply greatly. It reaches the standard of 20V / 5A and power supply of 100W.

In addition, because the USB3.1 protocol has downward compatibility, the type interface of the USB3.1 transmission protocol is adopted, which is compatible with the USB2.0 and USB3.0 transmission standards.

Type-c 3.1 is a form of USB interface, corresponding to type-A and type-B.

USB 3.1 is a data transmission technology. Corresponding to it are USB1.0, USB1.1, USB2.0, USB3.0.